Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newsletter comment from week 4

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
Last year, after a long period of discussion and consultation, we produced a vision of what we wanted our pupils to become during their time at St Mary’s. “Confident, Reflective, Risk-Taking, Lifelong Learners in a Catholic School”.
When we developed our vision we were taking a holistic approach, that is, we were looking not just at the academic; but also the artistic, the physical and perhaps most importantly the spiritual.
If someone doesn’t develop an appreciation of the importance of all four the these areas during their primary school years, then it is unlikely that they ever will.
We at St Mary’s are lucky, in that we can openly cater for the spiritual component of the child. People who have a solid spiritual component to their character will lead happier and more fulfilled lives: they will be confident they will be happy to reflect, they will be prepared to take risks, and they will be strong enough in their characters to be life long learners.
The debate that rages on National Standards is focused, sadly, only on the academic. I encourage you all when you look at your children to always see the bigger picture.
Have a great week.
Regards, Mike Brosnahan
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