Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

Welcome to the final newsletter for term two, and what a busy term it has been. As I sit in my office bathed in morning sunlight it seems hard to believe that we are almost at the middle of July. We, in Dunedin, have been lucky with our winter and this has meant that we as a school have been able to accomplish a huge amount.

Next term we welcome Mrs Anne Simmons back from leave, and sadly we farewell Miss Rosalie Bennett from Room Two. Miss Bennett has done an excellent job in Room Two while Mrs Simmons has been away.

The unusual configuration of the school terms this year means that when we return to school next term we will be, in terms of days at school, well over half way through the year, and yet, there are so many exciting and important events coming up.

We endeavour to cater for all of the unique skills and talents of our pupils at St Mary’s and so over the final two terms we will have pupils experiencing cross country, public speaking festivals, Stars on Stage, choir festival, senior camp, athletics, senior swimming, beach education, First Holy Communion, senior pupils doing DARE programme, the school fair, our end of year concert/musical and celebrations, mathletics, social study quizzes and such things as guitar/piano lessons, and ICAS exams continue. And of course there is our school wide theme for next term the Rugby World Cup.

With this in mind I wish you all a happy and restful break and look forward to seeing you all back and refreshed for next term.

Have a great Holiday

Mike Brosnahan

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