Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

Welcome to week nine of the third term or to put it more into perspective week 31 of the school year; these two weeks will be very busy with a number of activities coming up.

Wednesday night is the annual ‘Haddon Shield’ public speaking competition with Outram School, the senior classes have been working very hard on their speeches and having heard a number of them already I can say that they are of a very high standard.

Summer sports must have started because I watched T Ball at 9 o’clock in a jersey and by 12.30 the cricket team that I coach's game had been called off due to rain!

Over the next term our school will be taking part in regular: T Ball, Futsal and Touch competitions. To ensure that all of our pupils get the most from these competitions a code of conduct will be given to all participants.

Remember the reason children play sport is to have fun, but as a school we expect all pupils who represent our school to behave in such a way that all of those involved: coaches, parents, officials and other players enjoy their sport. I feel sticking to the simple expectations in the code of conduct will ensure this.

As mentioned earlier we are getting well through the school year and already we have a huge number of enrollments for next year.

It is really important that we know of all possible enrollments as soon as possible to enable us to best manage the classes for next year.

So please if you know of any potential enrollments tell them to ring the school and fill in an enrollments form so that we have a more comprehensive picture of the number of pupils that we will have for 2012.

I have been amazed at how the Rugby World Cup has captured the imagination of our nation—I never thought that I would attend a rugby game in Dunedin between England and Romania that would almost be a sellout.

So over the next weeks I will sign off in one of the languages of the teams still taking part. This week it is an Irish farewell, from my family’s home province of Munster:

“Slan agus beanncht leat”.

Have a great week,

Mike Brosnahan

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