Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

Well here we are in week four of what is a very short and busy term.

The pupils have a huge range of activities and outings coming up. Our goal is to ensure that our pupils receive every opportunity but to keep our primary focus on teaching and learning, therefore all of the activities will have a focus on curriculum .

To enable our pupils to take part in L.E.O.T.C activities we, like all schools, rely heavily on the support of our community so thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who give up their time to support our teachers. Without you these trips would not be possible.

As many of you know I enjoy and am involved with coaching a number of sports and have been over a number of years. The ‘Golden Rule’ I have found in coaching teams is to ensure everybody, children and parents know the game plan and everybody: parents, players and coaches get a fair go.

Sport is about enjoyment but it also teaches a huge number of life skills such as: independence, resilience, time management and how to work with team mates and opponents. Children don’t learn these skills in isolation, they learn them by seeing them modeled, and by having them reinforced constantly.

Have a great week,

Mike Brosnahan

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