Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

Last week I had the absolute privilege of going ‘on camp’ with our senior pupils.  The programme that Mrs Baines designed was excellent, it was a perfect balance between: outdoor education, social

sciences, science and life skills.


The highlight for  many would have been the skiing and as one pupil expressed to me. “When I first

arrived I was scared to go on the learners slope and now I can ski anywhere”! encapsulates the

development in confidence and motivation that the group went through during the week.

My personal highlight was the trip to the Arrowtown museum, when the pupils went to 1880’s school.

“Miss Grey” scared me and I was only watching, but the programme highlighted now education has changed and how lucky we are to have now the New Zealand National Curriculum.


I would like to thank all of the parents who helped out on camp, with out you all we would never have achieved all that we did and once again acknowledge the huge effort put in by Mrs Baines.  The

success of the camp was down to the hard work that she put in with regards planning and designing the camp over the preceding months.

Our Year Seven and Eight camp has become something of an institution and when I see the positive

effects that it has for our pupils then I am more than ever determined to ensure that it continues.


Have a great week

Mike Brosnahan

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