Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
Last week I had the absolute privilege to spend most of my week with the senior class on their
camp down at Camp Columba.
The group as a whole, pupils and parents were excellent to work with and the achievements that
I witnessed were excellent. Witnessing a young person face a challenge they feel is beyond
them and then confront this challenge, and overcome it is a very gratifying experience.
I wish to thank Mrs Judy Baines for her excellent planning, eye for detail and administration of
this. Camps are only a success because of the months of work that go into the planning and
preparing beforehand.
Our final Parent Information evening for the year is being held on Wednesday night.
The focus of the evening is to watch the multi award winning DVD “The Big Picture: Rethinking
Dyslexia”. This 52 minute film is designed to educate us about dyslexia. Show what indeed the
“Big Picture” is. We invite all of our parents to come along and watch this powerful educational
I look forward to seeing you there, have a great week.
Mike Brosnahan,
Room 7 Camp

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