Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
Our newsletter this week is coming out a little earlier than normal as Mrs Evans is away tomorrow to
attend a course.
Yes, it’s that time again when everybody is glued to their T.V. watching sports that we would not normally
give up our time to view. Events like the Commonwealth and Olympic games promote their sports in a
positive way and soon after the event, sports like rowing experience a surge in participants as every
young boy wants to be the next Hamish Bond and girl the next Caroline Evers-Swindell.
Sports that encourage participation and skill development while gradually integrating a competitive focus
are the sports most likely to retain their playing numbers as competitors move from primary to secondary
Over the weekend I was talking to an ex-All Black who is still heavily involved in coaching and his opinion
was that sport played under 15 years should be for development and should encourage participation.
Something to think about.
The other big event that is coming up is the General Election. Like all parents one of the big focuses for
me is education. I have put a one page sheet up on the notice board that presents the education policy of
all of the political parties. Please read through it as the information on it outlines which political parties will
be best for your child’s education.
Have a great week
—Mike Brosnahan

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