Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

As we countdown to the Parliamentary Elections the issues that people are commenting on or are

promoting become more confused. I think this is a reason why voting rates are so low, many people are simply unsure of who to vote for because everything is so confusing. Last night my wife and I went on a website where you answer a series of question about what policies you see as being important and then when you enter this information it shows the party that would best represent you. The results, to say the least are interesting.

This week on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we will be holding our final round of school interviews for the year. Please ensure that you make a booking and attend an interview with your child's teacher. To ensure that we get the best results for your children we need to work as a team. To do this communication is vital. Interviews are the best way to do this as they are a two way process, where questions can be asked and answers given.

Car park safety, please read the notice about the schools car park and road safety attached further on. We want all of our pupils to arrive and leave safely from school, and with your help we can achieve this.

Have a great week

—Mike Brosnahan


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