Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

It’s always nice to start the year with good news, and our National Standards results for 2014 were certainly great news.
86.9% of our pupils are reading at or above the National Standard as compared to the
national average of 77.9% reading at or above.
79.2% are doing Maths at or above the National Standards as compared to the national

average of 74.6%
80% of our pupils are writing at or above the national standard as compared to 70.6% of the

national average.

I have put this information as a table below to make it easier for people to understand.

2014 National Standards Data

This is a very strong positive reminder of the great work done by our teachers and the high standard at which St Mary’s operates.

We are also lucky to have as a school so many wonderful new pupils, as could be seen in last weeks newsletter. Starting on Monday we will welcome Albie Paul and Cy Dougherty to Room One.

Tomorrow is our opening school Mass at 9am and in the afternoon is a fun whanau games after-noon. As we are in the midst of an excellent summer, the weather promises to be good so please join us for some fun in the sun.

Mike Brosnahan


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