Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

This week the pupils will have a busy week with their visits to see Harold the Giraffe and the Life Education Bus. The Life Education Trust and it’s educator Pip provide a fun way to learn some interesting information and values.

Last week my Year Eight R.E. class and I were talking about being positive (assuming that the glass is half full). We talked about how positive people were the people who achieved great things. Rather than ask the question why, they would ask why not?

Positive people are fun people to be around. We all quickly tire of being around people who only see the bad and focus on the negative. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take the time for critical reflection but after we have reflected we need to have a positive plan of where to next.

Positive people keep moving forward.

When I reflect on my friends and family and the people I like to spend time with they are positive people; they see the good in others, they see the humorous side of a tough situation and they have a plan on how to go forward.

A friend of mine who is a Maniototo farmer, a couple of years ago had most of his sheep trapped in a large snowfall. I rang him up to see how things were going and he said most of them are still trapped up the hill but I’ve had a good crew helping to get them out. It could be worse the Maggots (Maniototo rugby team) could have lost. This guy had a plan and despite being in a tough situation he came out the other side.

Our children learn from us, if we are negative and always put others down focusing on the negative that's how they will be.

Have a great week

Mike Brosnahan



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