Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

What an ever changing world we live in! I was talking to my Year Eight R.E. class recently about my wife's Grandfather. He was a World War One veteran who lived until he was over a hundred years old.

When he was born Dunedin had little street lights, a "night soil" man was still common, no cars, no planes, no telephones and obviously things such as T.V., computers, space travel, and the internet were only true in science fiction novels.

When he died he had seen a man walk on the moon, flown many times, held a drivers licence until into his nineties, loved to watch T.V. and understood all about computers.

A century is a long time. In his life time Charles saw changes that as a young man he could never have conceived.

If we looked at the massive changes in technology Charles saw in his lifetime, what changes will we see in ours? What changes will our children see?

While waiting for the birth of our son (in 1998) we purchased an early model cell phone. You could only make calls on it, no texts nothing else just use it as a portable telephone. The battery was far larger than the total size of most modern phones. Look at your cell phone, what functions can it perform?

These changes have happened in less than 20 years!

Have a great week,

Mike Brosnahan


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