Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,

Well week five of the term already, the children at the moment are busily completing their PAT test.  These tests are important as they are internationally recognized standardized tests and are a good way of moderating our reading and maths results, this ensures that our view of a pupils achievement lines up with what other people think.


On Monday the 18th of March the teachers will be attending a Union meeting in Dunedin, please read the accompanying note about this later in the newsletter.

A number of other events are coming up over the next weeks so please ensure that you keep a close eye on the diary of events section.

I would like to make special mention here of Jayden Grindley in Year Eight: Jayden has been

selected to take part in the Burnley Development Centre programme, this is a programme for identified talented young footballers where they receive 45 weeks of elite coaching.

Football has long since identified that to achieve at the elite level you need to put in a large number of hours of practice (10,000 hours).  So well done Jayden on this prestigious selection.


Also well done to all of those who took part in the Weetbix Kids Triathlon and thank you to Mrs Lisa Matheson for organizing this.


Have a great week.

Mike Brosnahan



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