Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,


Well here we are well into week six.  This week the junior classes have begun their swimming lessons with Swimsation; learning to swim when you live in New Zealand is not just developing a pastime but rather it is learning a potential life skill that could be life saving.

As a nation we live around the sea, lakes and rivers, not to mention swimming pools.  When we get hot we all enjoy having a ‘dip’ to cool down but the trouble is that not all of the places people choose to swim are benign.  While lessons that your children receive at school will not make them Olympic champions they will develop their skills.


Please remember that on Monday next week 18th March all the teachers will be attending a paid union meeting, please read the notice for more information.


The reorganization of our school bus routes is now being ‘re-viewed’ while there will be no change for people who live within 3.2km of our school, those who live further than this may find themselves on an adjusted route.  As soon as I have a definite plan I will contact parents directly to explain how the new bus routes will operate.


Have a great week.

Mike Brosnahan



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