Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
Here we are in the last week of what has been a very long and busy term for me (it started on the
sixth of January). A huge amount has been achieved in this time and while a number of
important tasks remain ongoing I think that it is important to remember the progress that has
been made.
Highlights for the term would be the finishing off of work on the main block, the finishing off of
moving our chattels from the old to the new site and unpacking, the first day of school, the official
opening and every opportunity that we have been given to show off the new school. It really has
the wow factor!
Thanks to all of the people, staff, BOT members, parents, pupils and friends who have helped us
to achieve what we have this term. It has often felt like living two lives or working two jobs but
the living on a building site life is coming to an end and next term promises a return to the normal
busy place that is St Mary’s School.
Next term we look forward to our annual public speaking festival with Outram School, seeing a
number of our pupils Confirmed, our annual senior sports interchange with St Joseph’s Oamaru
and a number of other exciting events yet to be confirmed.
Have a great and relaxing holiday.
Mike Brosnahan, Principal.

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