Monday, May 20, 2013

I am pleased to announce that the final barrier to have our school playgrounds installed was
overcome yesterday.
We have reached a compromise with one of our neighbour's who was previously not happy with
the site of our playgrounds and as a result of this we anticipate no further hold ups.
The installation has been booked and has a three to four week timeframe. So hopefully in a
month both playgrounds will be in use.
This process has been long, taxing and at times very frustrating. I would like to thank Donald
Mitchell (BOT Chairperson) and Martin Dillon (ex BOT Chairperson) who supplied the required
amounts of knowledge, determination and tenacity to see this task through.
The winter sports season is now in full swing and a large number of us are busy either watching,
coaching, or managing our children’s teams.
I am a major supporter of sport and firmly believe that young people learn a huge range of life
skills when they play a team sport. I was fortunate enough to be at a function recently where
Paul MacDonald the Olympic Champion was speaking and he raised the point that every Olym-pic level athlete had had a number of coaches who had given up hours of time to support the
athlete. Some where highly qualified and experienced, some (normally when younger) where
not. But all coaches put in a huge effort and without them most teams could not function.
Children play for enjoyment—if they enjoy their sport they keep playing. I coached Year Nine
cricket team and we had a lot of wins that year but why I deem that team was successful is
because 100% of those boys still play cricket.
Have a great week. Mike Brosnahan

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