Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
Well here we are in the final week of the term. Spring weather is upon us and judging by the
number of pupils off school today due to illness the holidays are coming at about the right time.
Due to the exceptional growth that we have experienced in our school roll this year, and indeed
for 2014, we have made some changes to our organization for next term.
Miss Payne’s class will move into Room 6, Some of Mrs Ngatai’s children are moving into Mrs
Steven’s room from the beginning of term 4.
Mrs Stevens’ class will move into Room 5. Mrs O’Neill will teach some of Mrs Stevens’ class in
Room Two in the mornings. After school care will be held in the north end of the learning high-way.
As with all changes there will be a few small challenges along the way, but I know that with the
ability we have at St Mary’s to work as a team, these changes will ensure the best learning
environment is available for all of our pupils.
I hope that everyone is able to enjoy a restful holiday and comes back refreshed ready for the
final run to the post, as it were.
Have a great break
Mike Brosnahan,

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