Monday, May 24, 2010

16 march 2010

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of St Mary’s School,
To be successful in any endeavour, especially one predominantly based on working with people, the key is good communication at it’s most basic level is “to give, share or convey information”. But for it to be successful the person that the information is being conveyed to must be listening and willing to make an effort to understand.

Wars have been won and lost, empires raised and razed, Kings crowned and dethroned, businesses developed and bankrupted on good communication or the lack there of.
The ‘enigma machine’ a device that enabled the British to ‘crack’ the Germans secret coded messages during World War 2 is looked upon as a major reason for the allies success. The German Armies, communications were being read and acted upon by a group who they did not want to know this information - the result as they say is history.
In a school communication is just as important and we really do value the fact that we are part of a community that is open and honest in it’s communication. Feedback is a crucial element of our school’s internal self review procedure and we welcome it.
Communication in it’s more formal setting will change slightly in our school this year. In line with the expectations of the National Standards we will be presenting to the parents two written reports this year. The first will be accompanied by an optional back up interview to enable parents to discuss the new format that we will be
using. More information on the timetable for these events will follow next term.

Have a great week. Regards, Mike Brosnahan

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