Monday, May 24, 2010

30 March 2010

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Friends of
St Mary’s School,
Last Friday I was lucky to be given the privilege of attending The New Zealand Principals’ Federation Annual Moot in Wellington. The theme of the day was the question “What Matters Most?”.
During the day a number of highly engaging speakers put across their perspective on this statement focusing on a range of important themes. But during the day I came to the conclusion that obviously working within all of the ‘legal framework’ the answer to the questions is - what is best for the children.
Achieving excellence in academic subjects is obviously important but so is nurturing and encouraging the physical and the artistic.
The Year Seven Religious Education programme highlights that what God wants for his people is for them to be happy. The skills, the values, and the attitudes that we install into our children also set the tone for what they will achieve in life and if they will have a happy life.
Children who are brought up to be caring and compassionate with a sense of justice and respect and who are prepared to serve others with no requirement for payment will, I believe, grow to be happy balanced adults.
Within our school community we have great role models for these attributes, our excellent Board of Trustees and PTA. People who give huge amounts of their busy lives in the service of others. We have a brilliant parent community who: coach sports teams, go on school trips, and help on school camps. All of these people who contribute so magnificently to our school, you are the answer to the question ‘what matters most?’, because you show in all that you do, that what we want for the
children - is the best.
You don’t just talk the talk - you walk the walk.
So from me and all of the staff thank you for your support, thank you for your efforts and most of all thank you for your honesty.
Have a happy holy and safe Easter and holiday.
Regards Mike Brosnahan

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